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perspective on neighborhoods/suburbs (Cologne)

Hi All,

After a few years back in the States, we're headed back to the Cologne area. Years ago, we lived in Kalk steps away from Kalk Post. We were young, didn't have kids, liked the price of our little apartment and the connections to town.

We've got two kids now and looking into places to live. Koenigsforst (rath/heumar) looks perfect in terms of being half way between my husband's work and Bonn where I will focus my job search. I also like that it's got an S-bahn stop.

Anyone have any insight on Koenigsforst? Other ideas for something between Bonn and Gummersbach with good connections and good schools and Kitas, that won't be a super unfair commute for one of us?

Happy for any input!

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