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Refugee wave is a huge opportunity for Germany (Cologne)

One of the most famous researchers of the future in Germany, Sven Gábor Jánszky, keeps the current refugee wave for a "huge chance for Germany... almost an unexpected gift." Because she will save us from the decline in our standard of living so Jánszky.

Before the refugee wave, we trend researchers have predicted that 6.5 million people from the German labor market disappear over the next ten years. A future was ahead of us with 2 to 5 million unbesetzbaren jobs in Germany. I have the scenario in the book " Protected content we work in the future" described already in detail. A world of full employment through the massive loss of manpower, we will see, is for the company to the disaster. Our forecast was breaking up balance sheets at companies due to slump in production due to missing people. We expected that it would increase the statutory retirement age of 67 to 75 years. We predicted that German lands would be depopulated and outdated, because few young people either in the major German cities or abroad.

All these dangers are dwindling with each young person who refugee wants to work, learn, and build a future in Germany. All those Germans who have fear and reservations today, will live in ten years by the performance of these refugees. Will make the older Germans with 67 in retirement, and not only to 75. The younger Germans will have to pay substantially less taxes and pension contributions, as without refugees.

What does Germany now?

The right strategy would be to pick up a large contingent of thousands of young people from Syria, Afghanistan and other countries for Germany and to integrate with great rapidity. The first should be given the opportunity students from these countries, to complete their studies in Germany. In addition, trained young professionals from these countries in quick courses on the German labour market needs should be trained. Of course, they need to get the immediate study and work permits.

A future-friendly immigration policy must not afraid to distinguish between more useful and less useful refugees for the development of the country. The selection should already take place on-site in the refugee camps and the first country in the Middle East and thus offer a legal way to travel to Germany. These people, who will secure an important part of the future of Germany, should get out of a plane and not from cattle truck or death ships.

Of course, the humanitarian catastrophe "less useful" refugees must be reduced of course in the recording facilities in Germany as well as in the countries of origin.

A European question?

Who consistently indicates that the distribution of the refugees only by a European consensus is to resolve, which fails to recognize the great opportunity that they provide in particular for Germany. Because the claim understands the refugees after a balanced distribution in Europe only as a burden that must be worn equally, but not as an opportunity. Other European countries have the demographic problem in the German labour market not to this extent, so no benefit from a comprehensive immigration. That's why Germany should take advantage of the situation and with a proactive immigration policy, formed from the best and most promising refugees to offer a quick perspective.

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