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Drumming workshop event in Morocco desert Atlas mountains,Marrakech... (Copenhagen)

What kind of images bubble up in ourselves, thinking about Morocco?

The mountains of the Atlas which for a few years now have been a popular goal for friends of trekking and alpinists. Or is it the surrounding area of Ouarzazat which has, as a coulisse for many films with its magnificent valleys and gorges, begun to be a favoured destination? The dream-like ancient cities of the kings, or the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean? Or do we already feel a soft breeze of the desert wind, accompanied by a tempting drum roll….?

A Journey to friends

Adventurous, young and curious, I crossed, departing from London with my Canadian friends on the notorious Euroline buses, half of Europe.
And we have seen them all, the amazingly beautiful ancient cities of Meknes, Fes, Marrakesch, Casablanca and Essauria. And still today I am grateful to have been introduced to deserted beaches. I dearly remember the villages up the mountains and the days we have shared with a friendly family who put us up! The Henna ornaments on our hands reminded us on our way back home… and in a far souvenir I still can hear the chants of the women and the beat of a drum….

The culture of the Berbers and their music

The ancient Berber culture is extraordinarily rich and has a great variety of musical styles. Bagpipes and oboe remind of Celts. The pentatonic style, as it is played by shamans all over the world, appears almost Chinese. And all this is enriched by African rhythm. Further to add is the Berber’s peculiar art of poetry which is passed on verbally from generation to generation. A tradition for thousands of years, kept in families and small music groups who travel from village to village in order to entertain at weddings and different other occasions with their songs, tales and poetry.

Many of us are not aware that the bigger part of the Moroccan population is Berber!

Unfortunately, Moroccans themselves do regard the old tradition of the Berbers as backward, although the bigger part of them have their roots in this culture! This tradition is kept strongest in the less-developed rural areas. In these regions many of the children do not go to school or drop out because they are being taught in a foreign language: Arabic! Although the Berbers are the biggest part of the population, their language is not officially recognised – but French is!

An adventure starting in Marrakech...

The friendship with our author of „Ihr-Einkauf“, Omar Zanifi, allows us to invite you to a special adventure:

As an Ambassador of his Berber people, he has a wish: That people of all age have the possibility to not only get to know but to experience the aboriginal Morocco!

Having been a musician himself since he was a child, he manages young and modern Berber music groups in Morocco. He works as a journalist, too, and has been acting as a tour operator for many years. He organizes Adventure Travel - far away from tourists’ streams: Camel trekking through the wonderful sand dunes of Erg Chebi.

”Desert purifies the soul“, as the Tuaregs say

In the deep deserts of Merzouga one can feel this remarkable process. It is a holy ground, penetrated with the wisdom of the Amazigh, the Berber – “The First People” as they are called in North Africa. It is said that the roots of their sageness reach down to lost Atlantis.

To dream at such a place under the stars, to sleep in the tents of nomads and to drum with them at the fireplace, promises to become a breathtaking adventure which you will never forget!

The offering to be picked up from the airport by a friend, somebody who is pleased to share his great knowledge about his country, promises a lasting encounter. The goal will be the magic vastness of the deserts of Merzouga, 250km off Ouarazat.
And the opportunity that each one who likes to move a bit, without being really sportive, can come along, is very tempting! Walking for 5 to 6 hours a day, with a long break in between, and ending the day with a one-hour drumming session in the evening sun!

The farewell will be the beginning of a new friendship!
Like it is with the first love: One stays connected in faithfulness!

With camels through desert and drumming
Date: 30 May to 5 June Protected content
Price: EUR Protected content
Includes all of the following for the whole Morocco sojourn: drumming lessons: Hotel, camping, food (only beverages are not included), drumming lessons, buses and tour guide.
The flight has to be self-organized!

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