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Job Market in Cork for Professionals

Hi, hoping to get an idea of what it's like in the job market in Cork (more than from statistics online). I'm a long time sales-brand management professional with a lot of marketing experience as well as writing-content writing and social media management. I don't work for big corporation or tech companies-they are not my style. Anybody out there have any feedback for me on what the market is like in Cork for foreign professionals (native English speakers with EU passports)? Also how possible it is to survive and work in any different area without a car/using public transportation?

My bf has gotten an offer in Cork but his salary isnt' enough for the both of us so we'd be living on less than what we need until I get a job.

We'd love the experience of living in Cork (he's Spanish and I'm Americna with an EU passport) before we head back ot the US in a couple years for good but we don't know how feasible it is that I'll be able to find a professional position within a couple of months

thanks in advance!

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