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  • Benoit Julien

    Want a night out beyond the obligatory pint of guinness? Enjoy the Dublin Expat Get-Togethers hosted by InterNations, just as I did.

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Fáilte and welcome to InterNations Cork! With the support of our community of experienced expats, we hope to guide you through all areas of beginning your new life in Ireland, answering any questions you might have, such as "should I live in the city center or in the rural outskirts?", "how do I find suitable accommodation for my family?", or "where are best beaches located?". We hope to find solutions to your concerns, so you can get on with enjoying all that the "rebel city" has to offer, from Guinness to hurling matches.

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What to Expect from Expat Life in Cork?

Known affectionately by the locals as the real capital of Ireland, Cork city is arguably the cultural hub of the country; with live music offered in cozy pubs throughout the week, and lush green hiking ground just outside the city, Cork has a lot to offer. Being a busy city, there is also plenty available for the business-minded. Whatever your reason for moving to Cork, we're confident the adventure will prove to be a colorful and heartening experience.

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Our expats are located in countries and cities all over the globe, and have found answers to many of the questions that may be plaguing you, from the practical, for example "how has economic crisis affected Cork?", to the broader issues of which pub sells the best Irish stew. Our Cork Community also provides an invaluable opportunity to interact with like-minded people through groups and local get-togethers. InterNations members in Cork are for example running an Out and About Group, which offers companionship for exploring the other sights of Ireland. If none of the activities take your fancy, why not start your own group? It's a great way to continue practicing your hobbies and passions and pick up some friends along the way! InterNations also hosts larger events that are open to all Cork expats, and our members have always found these a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and to grow their social circle.

  • Benoit Julien

    Want a night out beyond the obligatory pint of guinness? Enjoy the Dublin Expat Get-Togethers hosted by InterNations, just as I did.

  • Katharina Berbner

    Got some great tips on business contacts in the IT sector from InterNations expats - thanks!

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