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Housekeeper Question (Dakar)

Hi. Our landlord is back and we are going to talk to him about our current maid (who is the niece of his maid). I'm challenged with what we are going to do as I should feel comfortable in my own place even if we now have 5 people here at a time. I also pointed out to my husband that when we give her the money to buy the food - I don't think it's adding up - with the money she gives back as she writes it down and adds it up (or so we thought).

Today I came home to reheat some food and could not find the rice from the night before. Turns out our maid ate it. This happened before but I just realized it when I had some leftover tunafish and some pasta - and it was no longer in the fridge. Is this normal for the maid to eat food left in the fridge? Is that expected as part of their pay? Or just part of the culture?

As I mentioned in an earlier post - the niece was brought in by the landlords maid- to start work - and we never discussed pay - and expectations about work or what should/should not be done or even to come on Saturdays (which we've decided to ask her not to do) - so we will discuss with the landlord to help us iron this out (now that he is back) but we want to know what is normally expected in this culture?

I don't mean to sound petty - yet at the same time - I just want to understand how it should or should not be.

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