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Daiki Saito

Living in Senegal, from Japan

"Only a motorsports rallye? As an expat, I learned a lot about Senegal's green energy sector: InterNations lets me share my knowledge. "

Lastri Sasongko

Living in Senegal, from Indonesia

"As an expat in West Africa, I appreciate Dakar's contemporary art exhibitions -- I love making discoveries with my InterNations friends. "

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Our Expat Community in Senegal Welcomes You!

Salam alaikum! InterNations welcomes you to our expat community in Senegal! Our community in Senegal can help you with all aspects of moving to this stable West African country, and can help you settle in once you’ve arrived. Newcomers to Senegal are often filled with questions like, “what is appropriate attire in public?”, “how can I secure a stable internet connection”, and “do I need to take precautions against malaria?”. InterNations, with its worldwide network of expats, can offer the online and offline support that relocation requires.

We are present not only in Senegal, but worldwide including numerous countries in Africa – for instance our chapter for Expat Spain. You might also consider to stop by at our Expatriates Bahrain community during your next travel.

Our Support for Senegal Expatriates

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Senegal Expatriates Network

Find and get to know like-minded expatriates residing in Senegal, their partners and families.

Senegal Guide for Expats

Senegal Expat Guide

Expat Forum Senegal

Obtain trustworthy advice and local insight from fellow members in our Senegal expat forums.

Senegal Expat Forum

Senegal Events for Expatriates

Meet up with expatriates of diverse backgrounds and nationalities at our regular InterNations Events.

Senegal Expat Events

Embark on Your Life as an Expat in Senegal

Nestled on the west coast of Africa, Senegal is a small country that packs in many wonders. The capital, Dakar, is a chaotic and intense introduction to the country for many. Its lively markets, dazzling night spots, and nearby beaches make it a popular place to settle for many expatriates. To the north is the mysterious colonial city of Saint-Louis which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. So, whether you’re looking to hit Senegal’s pristine beaches or explore the national parks, InterNations can help you connect with like-minded expats so you can discover this fascinating country with friends.

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Grow Your Network of Like-Minded Expats from All over the World

InterNations Senegal is made up of people from every corner of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Our friendly members will guide and help you as you get comfortable in this exciting destination. After you join InterNations, you can join our social events at classy venues, get a taste of the great outdoors with our sport groups or sample some of Senegal’s best live music with our Live Music Group. Whatever you like to get up to you're sure to find like-minded expats to connect with through InterNations Senegal.

So, join Senegal expats today and start your new life in with the help of our knowledgeable expats.

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