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Lended money to a friend, he hasn't paid me back (Dakar)

Good evening,

I have a problem. A guy named Issa earned my trust early on and I lended money to him when he said that he was in need. This was in September and I've lended him Protected content . He still hasn't paid me back. I don't know exactly where he lives, but I've met him several times in my area. I have been on his case a lot, but he always have excuses for why he can't pay me back. In December I went to his friend and told this friend of his what is going on. That made Issa mad, so he came by my apartment. He was babbling on aimlessly and then told me that he has the money but that he doesn't want to pay me back.

I need advise on how to get my money back. The past 2½ weeks he hasn't replied to my texts. I'm leaving Senegal in 2 months, and I'm determined to resolve the situation before then.

Any ideas?

Best Regards,

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