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Senegalese Traditional Wrestling outing (Dakar)

Dear All, as a regular assistant to the Senegalese traditional wrestling big fights, I’ve received many times request from others expat / foreigners to take them to the “Combats” with me.
As the “Wrestling” season is about to begin, I’m organizing an outing for all those interested on this particular and traditional national sport.
The ambiance is very special and the craziness of fans regarding their fighters (lutteurs) is amazing. All the traditional dances, folklore and “mystical” works to support and empower the fighters are very interesting. The public is cool if you know the right places to be, I’ve never been uncomfortable or bothered. On the other hand I must admit that is very noisy and things happens very slowly (we must wait 2 or 3 hours to see the main fight).
All interested please write me a private message with your e-mails, so I keep you posted about the event.

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