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Master degree vs Graduate certificate (Dallas)


Hello folks,

this is my first post here, so I'll introduce myself before stark asking questions.
My name's Alessandro (but I also go by Alex, especially at Starbucks) and I'm from Italy. I moved here to Dallas almost four years ago, and I'm about to move again in the US.
Never got caught into Internations until a month ago or so, and I'm now realizing that I might have missed something.

Anyway, enough of me...the reason I'm writing here is because I was looking into possible educational opportunities in the States and I found that, after a BSc somebody has two options to continue his or her studies: master degree or graduate certificate.
I read a little bit about both and I understood that a graduate certificate is a sort of "selection" of classes that provides you with a more advanced education if compared to a BSc but it's anyway less than a master.

Does anybody here have some more detailed information (or personal opinion or experience that he/she is willing to share) regarding master degrees or graduate certificates?
Is a graduate certificate taken into consideration in a resumè? Are the skills gained through a graduate certificate worth the whole thing or you'd rather go for a Master? How long would it take to get to the end of the Master or the Certificate?

I'll appreciate every info that you could provide me,
thanks for help!

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