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Relocating to DAR in 3 weeks (Dar es Salaam)

Hello all,

Firstly, the members of the forum have really eased a lot of concerns I've had about relocating and I appreciate all the content! Thanks!

Next, I'm from Texas, US and will be in Dar for 8 months forgo pursue an internship opportunity. I am also a recent college graduate. I have been scouring the Internet for all info that will help in the move, though I still have a few questions:

1. How much does Internet access cost? And how readily available is it? How would I go about acquiring services?

2. What fun things are there to do for a Protected content old to do in Dar? (very general, i know...I'm into sports, movies, and adventures...and yes, I have already visited and other such sites)

3. How is the overall pace and lifestyle? (safety, friendliness, etc...)

4. Is there a sizable population of younger expats/int'l interns?

Hope to be in touch! Thanks for any and all help in advance!

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