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Gilberto Vieira
"Finding contacts among the expats in Tanzania's tourism industry wasn't half as difficult as I had feared. "
Chen Ming
"Karibu Sana, fellow expats in Dar es Salaam or 'Dar', for short! You'll probably need some tips on the 'do's & 'don't's in Tanzania."

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Karibu and welcome to your community of fellow expats in Dar es Salaam, a bustling city in beautiful Tanzania. Our aim at InterNations is to help you through the complicated process of relocation and remove any obstacles to this exciting new chapter in your life. Here you'll have access to detailed guides, insider tips, and regularly updated advice. You'll find answers to questions such as, "how safe is the city?" and "how do I access healthcare in Dar es Salaam?". We also encourage you to be an active member of our forum, where you'll find other expats in Dar es Salaam; build on their experiences and pick their brains for restaurant recommendations, education worries, and real estate tips. The members of our safe, secure community are always happy to help out a fellow expat.

With InterNations, you never stand alone. Whether you move to another city or go on a business trip somewhere — our communities are there to make you feel at home wherever you are in the world. Feel free to also check out our other vibrant InterNations Communities like the ones in Riyadh or Dubai.

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  • Moving to Dar es Salaam

    Moving to Dar es Salaam can be a drastic change, but the city’s lively international scene will make it definitely easier: many expats chose the Tanzanian city as their new home, thanks to the importance of this commercial, cultural and administrative center. Find out more in our expat guide!
  • Living in Dar es Salaam

    Living in Dar es Salaam brings many advantages along with the tropical climate: the city has a friendly atmosphere, good services and relatively good job opportunities; there are still some downsides, which is good to know in advance. Check out our expat guide for some more information!
  • Working in Dar es Salaam

    If you are planning to work in Tanzania, Dar es Salaam is definitely the best option: despite the city not being the capital, it is the most important hub, home to many different companies and industries and contributing a lot to the national economy. Find out more in our expat guide!

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What Is Expat Life in Dar es Salaam Like?

Made up of three distinct districts, Dar es Salaam is the economic and bureaucratic center of Tanzania with the central government permanently seated in this busy port city. The Kinondoni district houses over half of the city's population, Ilala is the administrative district, and Temeke houses the port, industrial, and manufacturing hearts of Dar es Salaam. The central business district is located in the Ilala region where financial services, telecommunications, IT, and energy are major industries. Shipping and transportation are also prominent as Dar es Salaam is one of the busiest locations for arrivals to and departures from Tanzania. Expats will be relieved to know that of the two official languages, English rather than Swahili is favored in the business world. Expats who enjoy shopping will find the Kariakoo area an interesting experience with specific streets and areas specializing in only one type of product, such as electronics in Uhuru Street. Artists can try their hand at the Tingatinga style of painting specific to Dar es Salaam and beach lovers can travel to nearby Bongoyo Island or Dar es Salaam Marine Reserve for snorkeling, swimming, and sunbathing away from the city.

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Don't forget that with InterNations, you also have opportunities to meet new people and connect with social groups and events in person. Join our dining out, local culture or coffee groups to start building your new network of friends in Dar es Salaam. We also organize large get-togethers and regular events so you can meet fellow expats who have traveled from all over the world. With InterNations, you'll build up a new network of friends and discover fun and exciting activities in no time!

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Gilberto Vieira
"Finding contacts among the expats in Tanzania's tourism industry wasn't half as difficult as I had feared. "
Chen Ming
"Karibu Sana, fellow expats in Dar es Salaam or 'Dar', for short! You'll probably need some tips on the 'do's & 'don't's in Tanzania."

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