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Security Message (Dar es Salaam)

This is a Security message for U.S. Citizens from the Embassy in Tanzania, it is also applicable to all of us.

U.S. Embassy Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Security Message for U.S. Citizens

November 10, Protected content

Over the past several weeks, the U.S. Embassy has received many reports of U.S. citizens being assaulted and robbed while riding in taxis in Dar es Salaam. Being the victim of a crime is not always preventable, but there are some steps you can take to protect yourself. The assaults follow a similar pattern: a person enters a taxi, often hailed by a third party. Another person is already in the car, or someone else gets in shortly thereafter. Then they demand your money. If you resist, they beat, threaten, and frighten you. They drive you from one ATM to another to withdraw funds until you reach your limit. Victims report they are being hit, cut, and bruised if they do not cooperate. When the victim's fund source has been depleted, the assailants drop off the victim. The perpetrators call themselves the "Tanzanian" or "Little Mafia." Please note these assaults are happening during the day as well as night.

We strongly urge you to observe these safety suggestions:
1. Use only use a licensed taxi* selected by a reputable hotel or restaurant, or one parked at an official taxi stand.
2. Never get in a taxi hailed by someone you just met.
3. Avoid riding in group taxis (daladalas and bajajis).
4. Do not travel alone.
5. If a taxi stops to pick up another passenger, exit immediately.
6. Do not carry a credit or debit card unless absolutely necessary.
7. Keep only a small amount of cash that you need for that specific activity.
8. Keep your passport in a secure location; put a photocopy in your pocket.
9. Avoid carrying a bag, jewelry, or any personal electronics. If you must carry a bag, ensure it is 'quick release', i.e., one that you can drop before being dragged or injured.
10. If assaulted or robbed, report the incident to the police and ask for a written report. (You will need the report for insurance or other future claims.)
11. If you are the victim of violent crime overseas, you may be eligible for benefits offered by your state's victim compensation fund. Follow this link for more information.
12. Be mindful of your safety at all times.
13. Please contact us if you are the victim of a violent crime in Tanzania.

*What Does a Licensed Taxi Look Like?

(Please note we cannot vouch for the safety of any vehicle or driver, this is just a checklist to determine whether a taxi might be licensed.)

1. A white car with a white (never yellow) license plate
2. A colored stripe running laterally on the side panels of the vehicle
3. A number inside a circle on both passenger doors
4. Specific windshield stickers, namely:
a. A valid insurance certificate
b. TRA sticker indicating the maximum number of passengers
c. A motor vehicle license certificate
d. A municipal council parking stand sticker
5. Does the driver's i.d. match the name of the car registration and taxi licenses?

Please be safe when you use public transportation.

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