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And so it begins again (Doha)


For many as you have follow my story last December, I was traveling to Doha with my husband as he went a surgery to remove his bladder cancer. I spent nearly 3 months in Doha and life has been good ever since. Until a month ago :( . My husband felt very sick and after fighting his own self checked in last week at Al Khor clinic where they found some lesions on his liver , metastasis in his liver. That was Aug 5th , his bday :(.

My internations family I come you with our latest update is still the same. Shane has been admitted to Al Hamal, which as you know is the oncology branch clinic.

His new appointed team wants to run various tests which can give a clear picture why is the shortness of breath. They suspect some kind of clots in his lungs or an underlying respiratory infection. Also his sugar levels have been low, so it was best to put him on a drip and take it from there. Once they figured that one out they should have a better view on the course of action plan for chemotherapy .

My visa process has started and we are hoping to get that one sort it out as well so I can go ahead and travel to be by his side.

There are times when I feel completely devastated and others where my church praying group have lift me up and I feel this is NOT our battle , and that God is in control and great things are ahead of us and we shall rejoice and share about his mercy and infinite love.

I can only ask if you could join is us in prayers , in your church no matter what your denomination that might be, but pray for Shane health to be restored. Pray for his body to be made well and new. He is a good kind heart man and there is sooo much for him to see and live for. There are times that I ask God to take me instead to pick me, but not Shane. He is my life. He is my best of friends, he is my soulmate and my love.

Please pray pray for us! But for Shane health.

Love you all


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