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As Typhoon Yolanda hit Philippines (Doha)


October 8, Protected content days after aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda, who would said that survivors are still reaching out for the relief operation.
Typhoon that hit Visayas, Philippines shuttered a massive lost of lives, hopes and dreams, from rich to poor, children to adult. All walks of life has been destroyed. Some of the casualties are still seen on the streets, injuries are still unaided and most are craving for food, clothing and shelter. Efforts from foreign to local organization is now reaching remote and urban areas.
This aftermath is a wake up call not only in the Philippines but entire nation. Help rebuild Visayas. For any donations, you can send to Abs-cbn Foundation and Kapuso Foundation. This are private reputable TV stations sending relief goods to the affected regions. Kindly follow the links below for your references.

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