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Gratuity (Doha)

Evening all

Bit of a question on the "gratuity" listed on my contract. I know what it is and what it relates to but it is simply not making sense in my contract.

My contract is made up of a number of items. A base salary, accomodation, flight allowance and so on. But in the table they have written, they have included the gratuity amount within the total figure we initially agreed upon.

So for example lets say the overall was Protected content that we agreed on, they have listed all the headings i mentioned above, plus a gratuity heading to equal this amount. Not on top of

Now, i thought gratuity was a bonus on top of your salary at the end of the contract(mine is 2 years). So at the end of mine, it would be 3 weeks for first year and 3 weeks for second year. Is this correct?

If however, they can do what they have done, the amount they have put as a gratuity amount can't even equal the three week 'calculation'. The amount they have shown as the gratuity amount for the year on mine is essentially Protected content less for the year than the 21days calculation it should be

Any help would be appreciated



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