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Growing the Doha InterNations community

Dear all,

The Doha InterNations community is doin so well and is growing very nicely. The current member number is well above Protected content the moment and had more than Doubles over the last year, and beleive it or not, more people are turning up for the get togethers than in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, however, I still would like you to promote it to your good friends and encourage them to join us. We need to make it the strongest ans most valuable expat community in the region. We need to invite the right kind of people, just like you, they must be professional, friendly, open minded and respectful of others. We do not tollirate sexesm, racism, or agesm, we keep it clean and friendly and we provide value to others in many shapes and forms and we help one another cope with the pressures of being away from home. We provide a great support system formthose who come to this country not knowing where to go or what to do and we are a great source of information.

And Remember, what goes around come around.
Thank you


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