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Help with Preparation to move within 90 days (Doha)


Hi All,

I am reaching out for your advice. My wife (US Citizen) 2 Kids (9yrs & 13yrs) - both US citizens & I (Brit with green card) may have to move to Doah within 90 days for positions being offered to us. We have had preliminary discussions about wages, benefits and the like but I would like to know what specific things we should plan to "wrap up" in the US before we would have to leave. 90 days is not a long time to uproot and transition so any direction would be appreciated.

Also, since I am an ex-pat already, US for 25yrs, I have heard that while earnings are tax free, there is a threshold from respective countries, would I fall under the Brit tax syatem or the US??

thanks again

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