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honouring your commitment (Doha)

Dear all,

We had our taste of Jazz event last night, an event I had worked on for over a month to organise for members of Internations, and while It was great to see the people who were responsible enough to make an effort and honor their commitment and show up. As for the ones who never bothered to show up or even cancel their attendance. Shame on you, you caused me a great embarrassment with the venue management. I have done everything possible to organise a great night out for you with several visits to the club and multiple email exchanges and you just could not be bothered to honor your commitment or let us know that you are not coming. 25 people just decided not to show up. Why do you bother booking? Why could you not cancel? Why would you loose the venue their revenue and loose us our credibility as a community? I would like to ask you not to accept the invitation for any of the events if you have no intention to show up or behave in an ethical manner or you will be black listed. I now have to pay 50% of the cost out of my own pocket because of you and quite frankly I am fed up with this kind of behaviour. From now on, if you accept the invitation, you are liable for payment and payment will be collected. Our team in most groups suffers from this kind of behaviour and it is not fair on us as voulanteer to suffer the embarrassment and lack of appreciation for our efforts.



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