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Importing Subaru BRZ 2013 from Australia to Qatar (Doha)


Hi all,

I am moving to Qatar next month and evaluating my options in regards to importing my 4 months old Subaru BRZ Protected content . There are pros and cons for importing and selling this car here in Australia. I was wondering if someone can share their experience or comment on my situation.

1) If I sell my car here in Australia, I am looking to lose 7k to 8k, so maybe import duties in Qatar would be less than that? Any ideas about the import duties in terms of %age of the car value?

2) I understand driving in Qatar is opposite to Australia. So, perhaps it is not a good idea to import my car as driving on the opposite side of the road will be confusing enough to start with while sitting on the wrong side in the car? :) And above all, I have read that driving is Qatar is interesting experience in itself.


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