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InterNations Ambassador Role Clarification (Doha)

Dear all,

Based on several recent enquiries from the community members seeking clarification on the role of the InterNations Ambassador and due to some misconceptions I would like to answer some of those questions:

• The role of Ambassador is entirely voluntary to serve the community by a member of the community.
• The Ambassador does not receive a salary or any form of payment from InterNations in return for effort, work, organisation of monthly events or any other related activity.
• An Ambassador is chosen or nominated based on several criteria including, people skills, communications skills, local knowledge, negotiation skills, willing to help people, networking skills, ability to dedicate time to the community etc.

My personal objectives as the Doha InterNations Ambassador:

• To engage in community and voluntary activities of all types as an active member of the community
• To bring people of all backgrounds together wherever and however possible and to encourage communication across the Doha community.
• To ease the transition process for new residents and expats and to provide them with an effective vehicle for local knowledge, friendships and assistance.
• To have fun and enjoy Qatar as a chosen country to live in and to help others do the same.
• To share knowledge and experience with other professionals and network with like minded people.
• To engage in positive activities/projects and efforts on the social arena and projects of value to our host nation, hence, increasing stature and positioning of the expatriate community.

Thank you


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