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job offer for 1 year:take it or leave it? (Doha)

Hi everyone,

I just got a job offer to work in the qbri institute in Doha.
It sounds like a fantastic opportunity as this is a new research centre with a cancer unit which is my area of expertise.
The salary seems OK to me and they will arrange accomodation for me.

However,I was offered only a 1 year contract.
I'm a bit anxious as I have never visited Qatar before and find a move from UK with my fiance/husband quite a big step for 1 year.

What are your experiences?
Should we visit before moving?
Does anyone have experience with/connection within the QBRI?
Is it common to get short contracts in Qatar or in other words is that their version of a probation period?How do the future prospects look like in Doha?

Any advice/tips are welcome as I need to decide by this Thursday.
Thanks everyone,

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