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Just wonder (Doha)

Looking at from-time-to- time emerging paw stretch for money or help from the same people promoting the same organizations, I wonder how much they are getting for constant abuse of the InterNations community? Why there is always someone begging on expat Doha forum? The city can't supply enough idiots anymore to believe in the same soppy stories written in the same poor attempt to draw a few tears with a few hundreds out of the remaining expats. When will you have the dignity to stop acquiring fame at someone's else expense?
P.S.: You want to be a celebrity- fair do, but pay for it yourself, do not expect anyone else to buy you this ticket to paradise;))) If you can't afford it- tough sh...t. Some bored housewife wants to be the world's hero- great, fantastic!!! Do it at your hubby's expense, do not make other people responsible for your fantasies)))

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