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Largest Icebucket challenge in the world (Doha)

Dear friends in Doha

I have an idea for a worthy cause and I really need your support

I was thinking for days on how we can go to the next level and take advantage of the Ice Bucket challenge and do something for the Children of Gaza

I would like to stage the largest Ice Bucket challenge in the world with the participation of at least Protected content

I will stage the challenge on a beach of one of the hotels (currently negotiating) and make a big event of it for all of us, members, families, partners, we can get together, spend a few hours at the beach, have some fun, food and socialize and do good for poor children of Gaza by raising money for charity.

you will need to donate Protected content and have free access to the beach all day

I will make the deal with the hotel, and will include a buffet and soft drinks and we will do it on a Friday afternoon or morning, depending on your preference.

the Protected content will cover the costs and whatever is left will be donated to a Gaza charity.

Should you want to take part in this worthy cause and have some fun with it, please connect with me on my facebook page and I will invite you to the challenge

Protected content

I will also invite the media and possibly Qatar TV depending on the number of participants

please please support this cause and do something worthwhile

Thank you

Mark Thomson

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