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life in Doha: prices, safety, activities

Hello everyone.

We are living in France and my husband just found a job in Qatar. We were thinking if it's worth moving there or not.

We have 2 babies, and I wanted to ask you guys, is it safe for the kids there? Do the have a lot of English /french speaking kindergartens , activities for kids, swimming lessons for babies/kids? And how are the prices?

Do the have fitness clubs for adults? Normal shopping stores/Malls with normal, modern European clothing and shoes?

Do I need to have a car,or i can manage just fine walking?

How is the cost of living? How much food costs? For example: milk, bread, eggs, fruits and vegetables and meat?

My husband company said they will give us Protected content allowance for the housing. Is it enough to have a big house where we can get a maid ?

Thanks a lot for your replies.


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