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probably tired of answering these question but.... (Doha)

Hello Doha

I have been made an offer to work in Doha, The job iteself sounds good, the package, I have no idea.I have so many questions.....


Protected content pcm basic
Protected content pcm housing
1800QAR pcm car
plus medical, flights both inc wife, plus annual bonus

i am a mid range electrical engineer, degree qualified.

Does this sound reaosnable?

Where to live?
I am looking at West Bay, Pearl area. Just my wife and I? Want to be close to stuff, amenities and activites
Other suggestions appreciated

Scuba Diving:-)

Am excited at the prospect but nervous of the plunge.

Appreciate any answers and thanks for your time

Pretty much....HEEEELP:-)

oh and look forward to seeing you out there maybe.

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