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Russian Speaking Expats / Restaurants in Doha ???

Hello there !
Intro : Just relocated back / arrived to Doha.
I have taken Russian Language courses in Doha and Lebanon previously.
I would be happy to meet Russian speaking people, as "Practice is Very Essential" .
Have been to Russia several times ( Moscow , Saint Peters , Rostov na Danu) - Lately I have been going to Saint Petersburg each year ( December / January ) to spend New Year and Christmas ( This year will be going also )
Love the country , cities, culture , nature , ... Food
As for finding Russian speaking folks / Russian restaurants it will be a blessing ... Are there any ????
I would love to continue my Russian language courses ... Still stuck on those cases ... They are a bit confusing ( dative , possessive , accusative , instrumental, genitive ....)
Awaiting your kind feedback ...

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