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Scary time (Doha)

ucinda Jeffrey
I am still in UK at moment I am coming over in middle of year to work with same family as I work for now as a nanny
I'm little scared to not knowing to expect be my first time living from home I've asked them a few things but they not explained any thing to me with makes me more worried

What type of bank card do I need for out there for my pay to go into how do I send money back home to pay for my car car ect here , how much is min wage over there , I've got a boyfriend here in UK but seen online that we can't stay toget here as we not married I know we can't hug/hold hands ect in public but what is the laway over there for him visiting or being together
, I be driving over there takinh they children to school so how does that work over there for licence how are the roads to drive and lastly is there many things for me to do as no friends or family over there how do I meet people of the same type age or older I'm 25 to chill with and make friends
also I'm big rugby fan so that's another thing leaving behind

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