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Sexual Harassment (Doha)

Dear members,

Allow me to flag this issue having heard several disappointing stories over the last few months of some cases of what can only be described as sexual harassment, inappropriate messaging, and unwanted advances from some male members towards female members of InterNations.
Despite the fact that I am in no way in a position of moral authority over members of the community, I still feel a duty to face this issue head on in my capacity as your Internations Doha Ambassador in order to protect the reputation and status of Internations as a safe, friendly, environment where respect, equality and open mindedness are the general rules of engagement and guidelines for member behavior.

Internations communities around the world endeavor to provide expatriates of all races, genders and creeds with a safe networking environment where you can enrich your life with friendships, business contacts, and the chance to meet likeminded individuals who may share your interests and aspirations.

InterNations does not operate a dating service, and must not be treated as such, and having said that, it is great when love is found between two people who met on its platform and we are again not an authority on matters of the hears, however, this is not the same as subjecting female members to any sort of irresponsible and childish behavior from some.

I urge all female members not to remain silent if subjected to that sort of behavior and help us expose and flag such individuals who are harming our community and preventing the growth of our community.

Members who are conducting such behavior will be asked to leave the community and will not be allowed to attend any of our meetings or events.

I would like to ask our female members to do the following when subjected to any form of harassment:

• Click the report abuse button if you receive any unwanted messages and write the details of the complaint
• Flag the issue to me and I will take action on your behalf through head office.
• If you are receiving unwanted twinkles, do not delete or click I have seen it or twinkle back, just leave it in your inbox and this person cannot twinkle you again.

Finally, again, I would urge you to speak up and do not accept that sort of abuse, let’s debate this and let’s face it in order for us to eradicate it.

Thank you


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