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Spouse has a job lined up, but I do not. (Doha)


Hello all,
I have a million questions. I will start at the top! My wife is in the process of securing a job in a private school in Al Wakra. I wish to go and live there as well. What I am most confused about is the guidelines that need to be followed, with respect to a visa vrs a passport in my case. I will not have a job but would like to go at the same time as she does. I do not want to fly back and forth because I have to wait to be sponsored by her, after her arrival, for a visa. Can I not just go with her on day one on my passport as a visitor and then start the visa process? Any help would be great. We simply want to take in this experience together! I do not like the idea of her going alone on her journey. I also don't want to fly back and forth.

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