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Sudden influx of Jelly-fishes (Doha)

Dear friends & families,
All of a sudden there has been an influx of Jelly-fishes on the shores of Dukhan (a major town of Qatar).
We have been going for swimming to Dukhan (after crossing the resort) past few weekends and couldn't enjoy these hot summer evenings relaxing in the waters lately.
These days, me & my friends are bit scared to try deep waters seeing so many Jelly-fishes (medium to large sizes) floating on the surface of this part of sea. Not all are dead Jelly-fishes, what I thought initially.
After reading some material on the internet & seeing some photo's of allergic reactions to swimmers, I share here, if anyone is bitten (sorry - stung) by a Jelly-Fish, apply lot of onion juice immediately in the affected area. Onion juice reduces the poison & allergic reaction to a great extent.

These weekends, we are busy catching these fishes seen floating (dead or alive), simply to safeguard many families/ kids around Dukhan shore enjoying the water. You are advised to take utmost care of your own self & especially of the kids, if you visit Dukhan beaches anytime.

Wish you safe & joyous weekends,
Yogesh Pagar
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