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The service Industry (Doha)

Dear all,

Over the past 7 months I had been paying particular attention to the service industry in Doha, and I really believe that the time had come to elevate the standards of services and promoting customer centric culture especially with the influx of new visitors and residents into the country. I believe that an overwhole approach is now required in Doha to improve customer services on every front, especially in banks, public services, utility providers, and the hospitality industry in particular.

Not long from now, people from around the world will be coming over to watch the world cup and will be expecting and exceptional level of service and services and in order for Doha to deliver on its promise to Expect Amazing, the journey has to start now.

Building a service culture requires long term education, training, monitoring and a continuous improvement Programmes to be in place and does not happen overnight and building an excellent customer experience requires time and financial investment backed up by an understanding of ithe wide impact on the growth and prosperity of the nation.

What are your impressions of the service levels in Doha?

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