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Tourism/Hospitality job (Doha)

Hi all!

I am working in the Tourism industry and have been for 9 years now. I have been looking for a job in Doha since Dec Protected content thus far have not had any luck. I am currently living in California so it makes the search more difficult. I have been working for the same company for 9 years (a Tour Receptive Operator) and my current position there is Director of Contracting for the Leisure Tour Group Dept. (80% of the company). I book hotels for groups of tourists coming from Europe (and Brazil) into the U.S and Canada. I do a lot of negotiation, buying and contracting of hotel rooms and I manage a team of 8. During high season I also solve all the problems which groups might face when they are on the road - whether they are coming from the supplier side (hotel over-bookings, bus breakdowns, missed flights) or the passenger side (illnesses, etc).

I studied International Relations with an emphasis on the Middle East and a minor in Criminal Justice in San Francisco. I speak both French and English because I am French but became American over the years. I am looking to learn Arabic when i move to Doha!

If any of you know any position that might be a good fit for me or know someone whom might know someone.. Please don't hesitate to reach out :) I would be happy and thankful to hear back from you. I did look for jobs in person in December when I was in Doha but many of the HR/recruiters were on vacation at that time so dropping off my CV didn't really work.

In any case, thank you for your help and consideration!

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