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Volunteer with Whatever It Takes (Doha)

The Doha Marriott has kindly offered to host a series of 2 day Whatever It Takes Shop and Draw for hope booths over the next few months. Each event is designed to raise the maximum amount of money for a specific charitable cause and this is only done by the generosity of volunteers.
This Friday and Saturday will be the first in a series of monthly sales at the Doha Marriott through their Spirit to Serve Campaign. The first sale is to benefit Twilight Children, the next in March will be to assist a hospice in an improvised area get a new paint job and linens, the April sale will purchase life assist hampers for grandmothers with no income who are left to raise their grandchildren as the parents have died and the May sale will begin the Mozambique Muslim Girls Scholarship Fund which aims to send Protected content from the Cabo Delgado region, the poorest Islamic community in the world according to Aga Khan Development Foundation, to school for six years.
Their will be a break in Whatever It Takes Shop and Draw for Hope sales in June and July but we will return during Ramadan for a special event secure the remain fund required for the girls scholarship Fund.
If you would like to volunteer your time to help with the sale, the kids drawing area or promotion of the event please visit our facebook fan page Protected content or our blog at Protected content for more information or to contact us.

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