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Would I need a car in Qatar? (Doha)


I am currently looking for apartments near to my work in West Bay so that I can minimise my commute to work. The apartments I have seen are around Protected content walk away from the office.

I have heard that in summer there is no way I could walk and would need to either get a taxi or have my own car to travel around (even for the short journeys here and there!)

From what I understand, taxis are really hard to come by and therefore I have been considering renting or buying a car whilst I am there.

The problem is - I am on a 6 month probation period and therefore don't really want to tie myself in long term, nor do I have the cash to buy something new or expensive. I also don't really want to get into any finance arrangements out there if possible!

So the question is do I rent or buy used? Or are there more taxis on the roads these days that I wouldn't need a car?

If I rent - I don't ideally want to spend no more than Protected content month (what could I get for this) and are their any reputable dealers or rental agencies around that anyone could recommend?

I would be grateful for any assistance.


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