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Property Theft - What to do? (Dominican Republic)

A friend of mine had a large screen TV stolen from his condo here in Punta Cana about a month ago. He wants to claim on his insurance, but is having difficulty getting what is needed to do so. Unfortunately, the Condo Administrator and his Rental Property Administrator are both new to the game. I suspect either one or both parties dropped the ball and they are both trying to cover their butts and blame each other. My friend is getting two very different sides of the story, no action, and no insurance. The Rental Property Administrator is claiming the insurance company wants a detailed police report and that the police want the Security Company to be there when he requests the report. The Condo Administrator says the police were present at the initial investigation of the theft, the security company filed a report already, and that the Rental Property Administrator has simply to go request the report from the police (and will likely have to grease some palms).

I am on the board of the condo complex and have been asked to act as intermediary to move this thing forward. The trouble is, I do not know how they do things here in the DR.

Has anyone experienced a similar situation? Does anyone know what the correct procedures should have been in order for my friend to collect on his insurance? Or, can anyone suggest a website where I can research how to proceed?


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