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Immerzuhause Negative feedback-furnished aprtments (Dortmund)

Hello every one, my Name is Michael, I have been living in Dortmund for some over 2 years now, recently I wanted to change my furnished apartment to better one, especially that my old contract expired as it was for 2 years only.

So to cut the story short, I tried this company the owner name is Gerd Funk, at the beginning he is a nice smiley guy, but then he is a really tricky guy that just tries to take as much money as possible from you and also some dirty tricks, plus you find out that he is extremely expensive in comparison with other options and his argument is that he is not talking commission as he is the owner, then you find out that the over all cost will be cheaper if you pay commission for a company like Home Company.

He tricked us, me and several colleges of mine, so when you take a look at the apartments it looks nice, but later you find out that some appliances are not working, Deposit will take ages to be refunded and never refunded completely, agreeing with you on something then it never happens, and also a lot of missing necessary items, that you need in you daily life, and which is not practical for us to buy on our own, since you pay a fortune.


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