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Kiwi living in Dortmund

Hi everyone! I am considering moving to Dortmund as i am joining a dressage stable but I am trying to find out everything possible I can before making the big move!! I currently live in Auckland, NZ so am wondering what the pros and cons are to here? For example, what is the cost like for living (renting) /food/transport.

Also are there any major aspects that I should know about the city before moving?

Im going over more for the love of riding BUT my partner will be coming along too so also wondering what Dortmund's pay is like? He plays football (soccer) ideally he would love something involved with that but obviously we are aware that we would have to take what comes first!!!

We'd have a decent amount of savings to start off with but obviously will want an income as soon as we possibly can!

Any sort of advise or tips/dos and dont's would be much appreciated!!!!!!

Thanks :)

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