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2018, New Chance (Dubai)

My name is Antowan Abdelmessih from Egypt and one of the Consultants here.
I am here in Dubai since Protected content , when I decide to come to Dubai I was looking to stay here for
One or two years maximum, but the life style and my yearly visions make me continue here.
Like anyone here as a newcomer if you are employees or employers your concern is to
to secure your family and your future, so allowed me to ask you some questions
I don’t expect answers from you now, just ask yourself and find your answers.

1. Who are the bread earners in your household? Who are the dependents?

2. What happens (financially and legally) if someone in the family dies, is disabled or critically ill?

3. When are you planning to retire? How much money will you need? Is there a way that you and/or your dependents can cope with your death, disablement or critical illness after you retire?

4. Do you have a way to deal with the costs that are related to the loss of income if you become critically ill or dismembered (lose a limb) and are not able to work?

5. How much money will you need for your children’s higher education? What about their other major requirements in the future like their wedding?

6. Are you a partner in a company? Are you a senior employee or some sort of portfolio manager? What happens to your company or employer in the event of your death or disablement?

7. Where are all your earnings going? Do you know how much you are spending? Are you making satisfactory levels of income from your savings?

8. Will your financial plan stand if you must leave the country and live somewhere else?

Please think and will be happy to help you figure the way to secure your future with perfect plan
Can make your future worthy and more relax.
Thank you so much and looking for serving you with full love and professionalism.

For more information, Please contact me
Antowan Protected content

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