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Bullying female members of Dubai IN Community

I've decided to post this thread to shed a light on this topic and to hear from female members of our community.

It started almost a year ago and last week I've heard it from a newbie couple whom relocated to Dubai, an InterNations member by the name of (JH Marshal) is sending bulk messages for hundreds of female members and some of them whom I know personally have been trapped, we've reported him many times to InterNations HQ with no response.

I hope this thread would reach out every member in Dubai, let's make it more safe & joyful platform. LET'S TAKE ACTION against such act on this platform, many are shy or afraid to this issue and make it public, have your say & speak up please.

P.S. There are couple of male members whom are extremely rude & annoying and I've heard horrible stories about them, stay tuned for the next thread.

Happy Holidays,

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