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Currency - who do we choose? (Dubai)


Hi there!

As my experience we find it quite hard to choose a company to help us to send money oversees or to take our money from home... first of all there are so many company's and no one really gives the right advice or are only focussing on getting money and charge you for even one phone call!

I just want to share with you guys a company I deal with and I refer to my clients now as well. It's basically just one consultant I deal with from the UK (her name is Katie) and I can tell from my own experience that she is amazing! GREAT advice, she phones weekly to tell about the currency and the market.. A small example; she phoned me today to say the EURO has dropped with almost 2 percent.. As i'm Dutch. Of course you can look at the news but i'm too busy to check it so this works well for me.

If someone wants any more information, send me a PM and I will put you in touch with this person.

Best regards,

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