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DO you want to learn Arabic (Dubai)

this course is designed for Expats who just want to learn the basics and how to communicate quickly and in easy easy.

course syllabus

• Introductions –Greetings and introductions
• Forms of address in the feminine and masculine
• Talking about yourself and your family
• The home
• Jobs and occupations
• Describing everyday objects
• Expressing thanks, and making requests
• Ordering snacks and coffee
• Feminine and masculine usage
• Possessive pronouns
• Nouns in definite and indefinite form
• Adjectives, regular and irregular, their agreement with masculine and feminine words
•Word order and sentence structure
• Simple questions What's this? Whose is it? Where is …
Cultural content
• Etiquette in private and public places
• Key religious expressions and their usage in every day speech
• Common idiomatic expressions
• Insight into difference between Modern Standard Arabic and regional dialects
• Insight into cultural differences between countries in North Africa and The Middle East

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