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Dubai- expat retirement home?

Sorry to be blunt, but are there no young people in Dubai?! I am 22 and have been in RAK for 9 months now but frequent Dubai & have met a grand total of 2 people in the Protected content bracket and both are leaving me next month, one for Thailand, the other moving to Dubai with their boyfriend- so bang goes my nights out & constructive days off. I'm debating what to do as I'm very worried I am going to struggle only ever hearing my older colleagues tales of married life, office politics and children. They're either getting pregnant or getting promoted, I'm just getting bored. I won't go places by myself as I'm quite an introverted person so just rocking up at a random club I'm not really interested in isn't an option. I really love UAE and am very at home here but see no reason to stay if I'm going to be bored out of my brains and probably very depressed. I hardly use Internations as I find I only seem to attract creepy men in their 40s asking for "no strings fun", so this is very much a last resort. I'm a horse riding, swimming, outdoorsy, travel loving Pagan who likes a night out as much as the next 20 something. HELP!!!!

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