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Expat Issues (Dubai)

Expat Divorce in UAE

Non-Muslims and other expats can file for divorce in the UAE. Non-Muslims who married in the country can divorce under their own country’s laws.

That the duration of the divorce usually depends on the complexity of the matter but can be three to six months, sometimes more, depending on the case.

To proceed with the divorce the judge must be fully convinced that the marriage will not work.

Once you have decided to apply for divorce, establish you are of sound mind and able to make your own choices. The matter is then registered at the Moral and Family Guidance Section at the Dubai Court. Shortly afterwards, a counselor meets the couple to discuss their problems to see if there is any chance of reconciliation, before beginning the divorce process.

If the couple, or either of them still insist on divorce, the application will be forwarded to a judge at court to obtain his decision on the divorce.

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