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Free UK Pension Valuation (Dubai)

Are you a British Expat? Have you worked for a long time in the United Kingdom? If so then you have probably heard of the UK Pension Crisis. It has become a common news article that fills the financial sections of the local papers now and probably years to come. It is also an area which the government loves to downgrade. It really is a constantly changing environment that those annual statements that most of us receive don’t really put into account.

Knowing your own pension is crucial. Once you retire they are your main source of
income after all… An up to date, detailed valuation will tell you:

• The value of the current pension
• What it is invested in
• The current performance of said investments
• When you can start drawing down
• The age you can comfortably live off it
• The performance of the provider in today’s market and if they can guarantee all of your current pension

If this basic information is not known then I strongly advise that you get in touch. Valuating your current scheme is done by an HMRC approved method where we can contact the providers on your behalf. Please respond with an email address so I can send a form across to you to sign to put things in motion.

It does not allow us to do anything apart from collect the information. Once obtained, we will arrange a consultant to sit down with you and explain the findings. It is totally free and is a simple provision of information that will allow you to make an informed and educated decision should it be in any jeopardy.

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