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GAY, LESBIAN, BI - Dubai???


I witnessed a very disturbing incident in Mall of the Emirates this week. A young girl who was wearing baggy trousers, a hooded sweat shirt, a baseball cap was asked to leave the mall by security because she was inappropriately dressed!
Granted, she looked like “one of the boys” but I was horrified with the reaction of the security.
I defiantly went through a phase in my life where all I wanted to be was a skater chic, and insisted on wearing boys clothes (much to my mothers disgrace) but it did not mean I wanted to BE a boy!

It made me think about what young people do in the Middle East if they are Gay. Are there any societies to help them and what is the law and implications?

I am a member of the "It Gets Better" project: Protected content

What are your thoughts? Was the reaction of the mall cops correct?

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