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Please share this! If anyone needs accurate proofreading or editing of any texts (including English ones) a disabled girl is looking for work. Please keep her in mind if anyone needs a copywriter, editor or translator. Thank you! Below is a note from the girl’s teacher; “I have been working with disabled kids for ten years, a few years ago this girls graduated from my school – hardworking, responsible, she showed remarkable results, despite being confined to the wheelchair… a few years down the line – her certificate with all her grades she’s studied so hard for – is gathering dust on the shelf, all her willingness to work hard, to prove her responsibility, accuracy towards work while being highly literate and able to work with any kind of texts … are left unsought after..
It is virtually impossible for a wheelchair bound person to find a job.. I will not go into details of all the troubles that this family has been through: her little disability allowance and her mother’s pension.. simply cannot provide what this family needs to survive. They are not begging, not asking for money to be sent into their bank account.. This girl’s only dream is to use her skills and knowledge to make a difference in her and other people’s lives! I’m more than sure that somewhere in a publishing house of a small and non-glossy magazine someone is struggling to meet their deadline.. – Arina (that’s her name) – will do this work with accuracy, quality and responsibility, and whatever payment they receive will help this little family of two, and what’s more important – will give hope to this girl, and bring into her life Light, Hope and Joy – joy of being a useful part of the society! - please send any potential job requests to me, Galina Belskaya, I will send them to Arina. Protected content

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