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How much your financial adviser really charges? (Dubai)

Dear fellow expats,

As a professional expat of your level and experience you are bound to receive a lot of calls from financial advisers. Their pitch sounds appealing but the fact is that the financial service industry has barely any regulation and its reputation is significantly damaged by unethical advise and practices like hidden commissions and charges.

We organized our seminar Monday 30 June, 7-8PM in Dubai. Here we teach our guests exactly how Financial Advisory firms levy their fees, how they are layered and how they can be avoided all together. Other topics discussed are:

- How to choose a financial advisor?
- Understand the different charges (platform charges, annual fees, soft commissions etc., there are so many!)
- How to build an effective, daily liquid portfolio?
- Understand how to asses a fund and learn about its fees
- Obtain a list of frozen and suspended funds and learn what to do if you hold one

Please visit our website for further details on ( Protected content ). If you are keen to attend please sign up via our "upcoming seminars" page. Attending is at no cost and no sales will be allowed.

Have a great day,

Tim Rijnders

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