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I Must Re-Write My Story...Invitation to all Women (Dubai)

I have always said and will always say, "The Strength of Every Woman Is In Her Story."

Our lives are a compilation of stories we experience.Stories of what we’ve done, how we’ve done it, and what we want to do. Stories about who we are and who we are not.These stories create our reality, depending on how we handle each experience; and what we allow in and what we let go.

They’re interpretations of the truth, filtered through our perceptions, expectations, hopes and fears.Sometimes these stories don’t work for us.
They don’t lead to what we envisioned and may even hold us back. We wind up stuck, unhappy, disappointed, or worse.

But the stories of our life are malleable. We can rewrite them as often as we want.In doing so, we create a new reality for ourselves.

If you feel your life story could use a rewrite, then this is the perfect event for you to attend. We shall be discussing some of the experiences women go through in specific areas of life (marriage/relationships/career/finances..etc) that make life seem like it could never get any better. Together we will discuss the process to victory and sensitive points that will help us overcome our past and present challenges that seem to have defined who we are or what our future may look like.

Let us come together with one main goal.....To Re-Write Our Story!!

If anyone requires further details,kindly feel free to DM me or drop a message on our Instagram page @noordinarywoman1 and i will be glad to respond.

See you on the 31st of August Protected content .

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