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Internations Official App For Android / Apple (Dubai)


Hi Guys,

Thinking to suggest Internations to develop an app for us, perhaps, they might be even working on it. Since we are the user end of it and would use it more than anyone, let's gather wishlists and present it to the team so that they can use it our feedback in making one or planning to make one.

I've found one app on Google services but it wasn't upto the mark in order for us to use.

So my wishlist are below -

-Internations app directly in sync with my phone calender providing me with a notification on the events happening, or for the events I've signed up.

-Twinkling / messages notification or perhaps introduce an online chat for albatross members within their network

-App loaded with maps to guide the user about the location of an event.

-Internations discount restaurants, places, services - I can't remember where we get discounts being an internations member, do you?

-Forum related notification, choose to tweak or receive notifications for a particular forum / post that interests you

-App insync with users calender so that a person can avoid signing up for an event if traveling or busy

-Location check-in services

-Ability to upload pictures at Marketplace section

-Ability to share connections, contacts within your network, introducing 2 members to each within your network

Guess for now that's it over the top of my head, so if you've got a wishlists or like to see something which would help Internations build an official app then please post it below.



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